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Suspicious activity north end of linear park

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Suspicious activity north end of linear park

Post  rrsjls on Fri May 01, 2009 12:59 pm

Over the past several months there has been suspicious activity at the north end of the Linear Park where the walking path intersects Calle Cereza (just north of the north playground and south of the PNM substation.
In the first instance late last summer/early fall, there were a couple of vehicles that were pulling up and parking along the street with additional cars pulling up, occupants getting out and into the parked car for a few minutes, then leaving. The vehicles were there several days a week, usually in the afternoons, with a steady stream of other vehicles pulling up while they were there. After observing this for a couple of weeks, I notified APD and talked with a detectove, providing vehicle descriptions/license numbers. The detective indicated it sounded like possible drug-related activity---and one of the vehicles was registred to an individual with an outstanding meth warrant and the other to an individual with a prior drug arrest. She advised they would begin to watch the area. Several days later, the detective called me to let me know they were observing the area and if I could connfirm that one of the suspect vehicles was parked there. The unmarked police car followed the suspect vehicle when it left, but I do not know what transpired after that time, but the vehicles have never been in the area since that I am aware of.

After that, about late Febr/early March, 2009 , it started again, this time with a another vehicle pulling up almost every afternoon, usually with 3-4 young male occupants. Other vehicles would again pull up or young males would approach on foot. After several days of observing this, we again notified APD and they dispached an officer. By the time the office arrived, the vehicle had left, but the office left his cell phone number and when the vehicle returned about 30 minutes later, we called the office and he responded immediately. He interceded with the parked vehicle and after a length conversation with the occupants, the vehicle left. The office stopped by and advised that he could find/see no probable cause to take any formal action other than to advise the driver/occupants that they might not make it a habit to park for exteneded periods on a side street as it aroused a lot of suspicion with area residents. The vehicle has not been back to my knowledge.

I think it behooves us all to keep an eye out for suspicious activity of that nature as the officer and detective both advised that there was a high liklihood of drug related activity. They also said that they tend to choose locations where they aren't easily observed and then move to new locations if they think they are being watched. The location on Calle Cereza can only be easily seen from a couple of the area houses.


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