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Are you interested in Albuquerque's future? View the Albuquerque Progress Report 2008

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Are you interested in Albuquerque's future? View the Albuquerque Progress Report 2008

Post  Admin on Wed May 06, 2009 4:08 pm

This was copied from an email we received from the Albuquerque IPC


Knowing where we are today is the first step toward creating a desired future. The Albuquerque Progress Report (APR) 2008 will help you understand where we are now and how we compare with peer Southwest communities. The APR is produced by the Indicators Progress Commission (IPC)—a citizen body appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the City Council. The APR describes indicators which measure the progress our community is making toward realizing the City of Albuquerque's Goals and Desired Community Conditions.

Some of the many questions it can answer:

Are Albuquerque residents active and healthy?
(See Desired Community Condition # 4)

Do residents feel safe at night in their neighborhood?
(See Desired Community Condition # 12)

How does Albuquerque's travel time to work compare to similar Southwest cities?
(See Desired Community Condition # 21)

Are city parks conveniently located to residential areas?
(See Desired Community Condition # 25)

How is our air quality?
(See Desired Community Condition # 30)

Go to to view the entire report.

Members of the IPC are available to answer your questions or make presentations to your organizations about the indicators in this report. Please call 505-768-3069 if you would like to learn more or request a presentation.


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