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Info Update on Burglaries and Scams City-Wide from APD

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Info Update on Burglaries and Scams City-Wide from APD

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:18 am

From Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist in the Foothills Area Command of APD:

Auto Burglary – The Latest Trends We See in Albuquerque:
Offenders are targeting multiple vehicles on one block at a time. We are starting to see these ‘clusters’ of vehicle break-ins occurring. The trend is to burglarize several vehicles on the same block instead of burglarizing one vehicle and then leaving. This tells me the auto burglar feels comfortable enough to spend more time on your block and also feels lower risk to commit these ‘cluster’ burglaries.

It is important to ‘harden your target’ by not leaving anything of value in your vehicle when you exit the vehicle. Park your vehicles in well-lit areas and park in spots where your vehicle can be seen by others if you don’t have a garage available. Any type of suspicious activity should be reported to 242-COPS (2677).

Residential Burglaries: What we see City-wide:
Crimes of opportunity are increasing, such as burglaries.
City-wide, we are seeing more cases of offenders backing vehicles up into the victim’s driveway, burglarizing the home and driving off.

A Foothills burglary victim reported a trailer backed onto her property to load up on her property.

Please report unusual, suspicious activity to 242-COPS!

Sheds: Trends City-wide:
Sheds are being targeted by offenders using the same method noted above. Not only is your property in the shed a target, but sheds have been used as hiding spots by an offenders trying to elude police or to wait for you to leave your home to commit burglary. If you have a shed, lock it!
Thefts at Gyms/Fitness Centers:
We are seeing big numbers city-wide for thefts of cell phones and wallets at gyms. If you have a way to carry only the items you need for your trip to the gym with you and hook your keys to your workout outfit (elastic bracelet/bands, fanny packs, zip-up pockets, on a lanyard, etc.) please consider this!

Scam Alert:
White Collar Crimes wants to alert you to work-at-home scams. The job-seeker is promised to get paid while working at home shipping packages for an employer. The person thinking they have a legitimate job never gets paid and is unwittingly participating in theft rings. The theft rings are using stolen credit cards or credit card information to purchase electronics and ship those items to cities in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Please do your homework and use your best judgment when it comes to work-at-home employment offers. If you have been a victim, please call 242-COPS and file a report.

Thanks for your support of our Foothills officers, staff and leadership. We appreciate your kind words and are working hard to help you stay safe.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd NE


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