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Foothills Area Command Crime Prevention: April 3, 2014

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Foothills Area Command Crime Prevention: April 3, 2014

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:02 pm

Please share this information with your Neighborhood Association/HOA members, Neighborhood Watch groups and Crime Free Multi-Housing rental property management teams and residents.  

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
An awareness event will be held Friday, April 4th on Civic Plaza at Noon.
The event is open to the public and attendees are asked to wear blue.  

To support awareness, the display stand in the Foothills Substation lobby is stocked with Crime Prevention Child Safety brochures and fliers for parents to share with children to discover ways to be safer.

Neighborhood Watch:  To start a Neighborhood Watch on your block contact Crime Prevention Manager Steve Sink at 924-3600.

The Foothills Area Command has had 4 new Neighborhood Watches formed in 2014.  I am eager to help you take a pro-active stance and learn about crime prevention to have a safer neighborhood, block by block.

Crime Free Multi-Housing:
Keeping illegal activity out of rental properties:
The April 10th Phase I workshop is full and has a waiting list.
The next Phase I workshop will be Thursday, October 9th.
Contact me with questions about the workshops or the CFMH program.

For those who completed the entire Phase I workshop – next step:
Contact me to book your Phase II site visit.  The information from the CFMH Phase I class will teach you the CFMH requirements that must be in place to become a CFMH-certified property.

Great idea to share:
One of the apartment complex Maintenance Supervisors who lives on site walks the property nightly and videos (using a cell phone) any items that need attention the following day (burned out bulbs, etc).  The video is sent to the manager each night to serve as an instant ‘to-do’ list and keeps both parties on the same page regarding items that need to be taken care of the following day.

Crime in the Foothills:  Trends and Prevention

Scam Alert!  I received word that a female is making the rounds in the Foothills area to local businesses, car dealerships and property managers attempting to sell ad space for a Kirtland Air Force Base publication.  This person does not represent KAFB!

KAFB has 2 contact people listed below for you to contact to verify credentials of anyone approaching you to purchase ad space for any KAFB publications:

1) Joanne Perkins, KAFB Marketing (505) 846-5991
2) Meredith Mingledorff, KAFB Public Affairs (505) 846-4704

If you have been a victim, contact APD at 242-COPS (2677) to file a report.

KAFB and APD Foothills Area Command thank you!

Graffiti:  I continue to get reports from citizens about graffiti.

Prevention Tips:
• Please call 242-COPS (2677) to report the incident so APD can gather the data we need to help you.  The data from your call helps us to help you.
• Contact the Citizens Contact Center (dial 311) to report graffiti.
• Continue to be alert; arroyo and park areas are also being targeted.
• Lights on at night will help – criminals don’t like to be seen.
• Call in any suspicious or criminal acts to 242-COPS.
• Alert your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, who can contact me.

These incidents are happening on Sunday nights in the Foothills and some have also been reported in early morning hours before 8:00 am on school days.

Door-to-Door Solicitors:  Residential areas and apartment complexes are reporting door-to-door solicitors.

Prevention Tips:
• A “No Solicitors” sign posted by your front door.  You can make your own or purchase one.  
• “No Trespassing” signage with the City Ordinance 12-2-3 posted at rental properties sends a visual message that the solicitor is on private property and the activity is against City Ordinance.  Post signs at all entries to your property.
• Apartment community managers:  Alert your residents to ask the solicitors to leave then contact security patrol and/or APD and inform the apartment management.  

Helpful Website Links:
Our City of Albuquerque web site is a treasure trove of great information.
I suggest you explore what is available on the web site.
These links may be of particular interest.

Albuquerque Police Department:  Crime Prevention, APD staff, APD Museum, Area Commands, Recruiting, Filing a Police Report Online, etc:

Online 311:
A vast array of information on city services, events, etc. and click on the button at the top of the page for Online 311.

To research who your elected officials are, zoning, etc:

Office of Neighborhood Coordination – full of great resources and information for Neighborhood Associations, HOAs, “Neighborhood News” publication:

City events and information:

To look up crime or sign up for email alerts about crime in your area:

A Special Thank You:
Thank you for your support of our officers and the Foothills team.  The outpouring of support from our Foothills community to our officers and staff over the past week has been uplifting.  The coffee, donuts, snacks, pizza deliveries, thank you cards, notes and encouraging words were appreciated by our men and women in uniform.  

Stay safe!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
APD, Foothills Area Command
12800 Lomas Blvd NE


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