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Shoplifting Awareness Advice from APD

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Shoplifting Awareness Advice from APD

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:43 pm

Prevention Issues:

• Install convex mirrors in strategic locations that cover the areas not directly seen from the main work area or point of sale
• Install video surveillance cameras to monitor the point of sale and other important areas.
• Place probable shoplifting items near the point of sale or the front of the store.
• Where appropriate, utilize staff, cameras, electronic sensors, merchandise cables, tags locks and chains for larger items.
• Install signage throughout the facility warning that – Shoplifters will be prosecuted and signs indicating surveillance cameras present (if applicable).
• Limit the amount of items allowed in fitting rooms
• Maintain a neat, orderly sales area, which will allow for early recognition
• Practice active store management. Be active and move about the store when possible.
• Greet and make eye contact with all customers as they enter the premises. Robbers and/or shoplifters don’t want to feel someone could identify them – they prefer anonymity. Every customer entering the building should be acknowledged and verbally greeted by staff
• Approach and make contact with customers that appear to be loitering or acting suspicious. A simple “may I help you” can often deter shoplifting. Make customers aware that they have been noticed. Additional employee responses could include:
1. “I saw you looking at the (item), do you have any questions?”
2. “Did you find what you wanted?”
3. If the customer indicates they do not need assistance – say, “Just let me know, I’ll be watching.”
4. “We have similar items over here, let me show you.”

Remember – Customer service could be your best protection

Suspicious Behavior or Activity:

• Loitering or aimlessly walking up and down aisles
• Remains in the store for long periods of time
• Nervous behavior and/or looking around and paying more attention to the surroundings, rather than the merchandise.
• Appears to drop items on the floor
• Carrying extra large purses or bags.
• Wearing large over coats that don’t reflect current weather conditions
• Enter the store with other people, but split up in different directions
• Watch for shoplifting groups – One person attracts attention by dropping or spilling something, while the other person(s) attempt theft

Some thieves will drop the items and run out of the store. Others might grab the items and then run. Never put your employees in a position of danger. Unless you have staff specially trained to apprehend and detain, teach employees to become a good witness – willing to report offender description, clothing, special markings and direction of travel. Call 242-COPS (2677) to report shoplifting or 911 if the situation warrants.


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