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Adding Pictures and Video to your Post

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Adding Pictures and Video to your Post

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:28 pm

To include pictures (or video) as part of your Post you’ll first need to upload your pictures and video to either a paid subscription host site, or to a free hosting site such as

Most internet accounts also come with free storage areas for their users. For instance, Comcast will let you upload several hundred photos to your own personal web storage location. You’ll need to login to your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) account and review their instructions on how to do that and what the file address is for your pictures (you’ll need the address info so you can include that in your Post – we’ll talk about that later).

You’ll need to consider picture size as it will be displayed in your Post and, therefore, on the screen. Regardless of where you store or upload your pictures, the typical size for a picture inserted into a Post is 640w x 480h. Those are about as large as you should go. If your picture is not proportionate to 640 x 480 you may have something different, for example 640 x 388 or 460 x 480. It’s okay to make the pictures smaller but consider what they will look like when on the web. It’s not a good idea to make pictures larger as they may take up more than a full size screen and require your viewers to scroll left and right or up and down to see the whole picture.

IF USING TINYPIC.COM FOR STORAGE – when uploading, there is a drop down box with the option (IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards) to save files in a 640 x 480 size – be sure to select that option if you’re using their service. will then complete the upload and show two places, on the right side of the screen, where some HTML code is displayed. Copy the code in the window marked “IMG Code” - this code contains the internet location for the picture you uploaded.

Create your POST, place your cursor where you want to see the image, and paste the information you copied from the “IMG Code” box into your message. When you Post your message it will show whatever text you had and the picture – it won’t show the IMG code you just pasted.

If you’re posting a video, everything is the same as for the image except you’ll select the Video button (looks like a filmstrip) instead of the Image button.

IF USING YOUR ISP (or somewhere else) FOR STORAGE – in your Post, locate the cursor where you want to place the image. Click the button that looks like a picture (the pop-up label will say ‘image’) and then copy/paste, or type in the internet address location where that image resides on the web – you’ll need to do this for each image you want to insert into your Post. Specific image location information (the internet address where the pictures reside) is something you’ll need to obtain from the help section of your ISP or by contacting them.

Finally, it’s important to understand that any pictures included in your Post are there because you’ve specified that the pictures are stored in a specific storage location and have a specific file name. In other words, the pictures are not really stored within your Post, they are stored elsewhere and the image is shown within your Post. If the files are moved or deleted from their original storage location, or if the file names are changed then the picture will no longer be shown in your Post unless you edit your Post with the new location / filename.


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