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Doggie Doors & Home Burglaries - Update from APD

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Doggie Doors & Home Burglaries - Update from APD

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:43 am

From: "Garcia, Jill C."
Date: January 22, 2013, 2:46:29 PM MST
To: "Garcia, Jill C."
Subject: Doggie Doors and Home Burglaries

Dear Foothills Area Command Neighborhood Leaders, Block Watch Captains, and Community Members,
As you may be aware, I read and research residential burglary calls every day that occur in the Foothills Area Command and I found what may be an emerging trend of entering homes through doggie doors. We have had 3 residential burglaries in that past week or so sprinkled throughout the Foothills Area Command where offenders are believed to have gained entry to the home through a doggie door. Please see below information I published last year regarding doggie door crime prevention tips.

Please remember to watch for suspicious behavior in your neighborhoods and report it to 1) APD through 242-COPS (2677), 2) let your Neighborhood Watch Block Captains know, and 3) report any type of criminal or suspicious activity from a safe place. The better descriptions our officers receive through dispatch, the better equipped they are to know exactly who they need to look for in your vicinity.

Thank you, as always, for stepping up and taking an active role in your communities and partnering with law enforcement to keep your neighborhoods safe.

Stay safe,
Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd, NE

Dear Foothills Neighbors,

I want to share a crime prevention tip for those of you with doggie doors that lead into your home. On two separate Safety/Security Home Assessment visits in the Foothills Area Command last year home owners with doggie doors showed me how they placed dog houses flush against the home to hide the doggie door opening from view. This has a two-fold benefit:

• Hides a potential way into your home. Offenders have been known to send a child into the target home through the doggie door opening to then open a door from inside the home for the offender. Some offenders are thin enough able to fit through small openings such as doggie doors.

• Your dog can still enter the home via the dog house to the doggie door opening, but the doggie door is hidden and only the home owner (and pooch!) knows it connects into the home.

This is only a suggestion for those who have doggie doors, and as always, stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd NE


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